Air-cooled die face eager cutting/pelletizing system

Air-Cooling Die-Face Hot Cutting/Pelletizing SystemAir-Cooling Die-face Hot Cutting/Pelletizing Machine applies for enforce modification, degradation plastic and flame retardant.Product Description:Filler master batch is composed of various additives, filler (example: CaCo3, Talc, Titanic, etc.

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Air-Cooling Die-Face Hot Cutting/Pelletizing System

Air-Cooling Die-face Hot Cutting/Pelletizing Machine applies for enforce modification, degradation plastic and flame retardant.

Product Description:

Filler master batch is composed of various additives, filler (example: CaCo3, Talc, Titanic, etc.) and a small amount of plastic resin carrier, produced by mixer, twin screw extruder and pelletizing. It's used to facilitate the operation during plastic molding, blowing process, etc.

Generally, we use the special type of extruder to produce this kind of filler master batch: ATE Twin Screw Extruder. ATE Series Co-rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder consists of motor drive, torque distribution gearbox, processing section, temperature controlling units, die section and down-stream pelletizing system, etc.


1.ATE Series Compounding and Granulating line for Filler Master Batch
ProcessFiller master batch compounding and granulating
Application15-20%PP, 80-85%CaCo3, 5%additives
Master batch: CaCo3+additives+ PE/PP carrier
Output40-1500kg/h, depending on the condition of raw
Material,  formulation and processing, etc.
2.Main machines included in production line
1SHR500A High Speed Mixer
2Screw Loader
3Two-stage side feeder
4ATE series Twin Screw Extruder
5Electric Control System(cabinet)
6Air-cooling Pelletizing System/ Water-ring Pelletizing System
7Lifting-type drying hopper/ Cyclone separator, Air-cooling vibrating screen

Introduction of parts of ATE Twin Screw Extruder

ATE Twin Screw Extruder adopts modular design principle, component standardization manufacturing, which can present stable and reliable performance. Thanks to the modular principle, ATE extruders can provide highly customizable solutions according to customers' process and special requirements. Based on different output torque grade, ATE series extruders have basic type and efficiency type.

Process section includes barrels, screw shafts, screw elements, individual temperature heating and cooling unit. Barrels and screw elements are designed in block principle.

Block structure allows the screw elements combine and sequence optimized to realize the process:

Conveying-Plasticization- Compounding & Dispersion- Homogenization- Degassing- Pressure building

Also Block structure allows the barrels adjust freely to the fit the process requirement.

Based on different process position, ATE extruders have different barrels type: feeding barrel, side feeding barrel, close barrel, open on top barrel, vacuum vent barrel, etc. According to the different jobs' requirement, barrels' materials can be nitride steel or bimetallic steel.

Multiple cutting systems can be combined with ATE Twin Screw Extruder, such as strands pelletizing, hot-face cutting and under-water pelletizing, etc.

Both Instrument control and PLC control are available to apply in the ATE electrical controlling system. All the key electrical parts adopt European brands to guarantee the controlling system with significant and stable performance.

Main technical specification
Machine SizeScrew Diameter(mm)L/DScrew Speed
Motor power(Kw)Torque per shaft(Nm)Specific torque
Throughput rate(kg/h)

Advantages of filler master batch
1.Reduce costs
2.Reduce product shrinkage
3.Increase the hardness of the product

Advantages of the production line
1.It can produce high-quality, high-quantity filler master batch
2.It works with high efficiency
3.It's computerized with high automation

In addition: We provide the machine of good quality (Strict quality control, good reputation in the market) and the good service, we deliver the products on time

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